Thursday, September 15, 2016

We have all have things that make us unique, for me it's always been my culture. Since I'm an immigrant from a foreign country, adapting to the new life here was somewhat difficult. Chilean and American culture contrast in so many ways that my parents had no clue how they wanted to raise me. They weren't sure if they were willing to potentially risk me losing my own native traditions in exchange for new American habits. As more and more time passed, they realized I didn't necessarily have to pick one over the other, I could live both. Going to school and interacting with my friends and teachers in English, then quickly transitioning to the much more lively and energetic ways of Hispanic life at home was exhausting. Since my parents didn't want me to lose the language, Spanish was the only thing we spoke at my house. Because of this, there were plenty of awkward scenarios when I would go home and tell them a joke a friend had made only to find the most puzzled look on their faces. This taught me the lesson that not all things can be translated; Americans have ways of communicating that Chileans could not comprehend, and vice versa. For the most part, living this double life was, and still is, perfectly manageable, but every now and then I wonder if my parents and I would share a closer bond if we had grown up the same way.

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