Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hello! Today I'm here to talk about my favorite show of all time, iCarly. Although it has been discontinued-- and I'm very disappointed to say so-- it continues to be my motivation to live. I learned many lessons from this show, and I'm beyond blessed to have been impacted by it. I still reminisce on the days where I would have nothing on my mind except for catching up on the latest adventures of Gibby. Oh, Gibby. He was the most daring and courageous man I had ever seen in my life. My only wish was to meet him in real life, however that didn't happen. Instead, I admired from a distance. Gibby taught me to be self-confident and outgoing in life, and to not let others' opinions affect me. Thank you for that, Gibster. Alongside him, there were many other characters I looked up to. One of these was Sam Puckett. Sam was the most rebellious of the bunch. Although there were times where her actions made me question her reliability, for the most part she was an idol figure for me. The way she interacted with others taught me to be affirmative and concise when speaking, things I still keep in mind to this day. Her responsible counterpart was Freddy. Freddy was an intelligent, rational young man who applied logic in every situation he was in. I learned a lot from him, he inspired me to pursue technology and enabled me to advance my fashion sense. Despite the fact he wasn't the "smoothest" male figure, and had trouble "picking up chicks", I was able to look past that and acknowledge his intellectual level. Last but never least, Carly. My woman. The beacon of hope through the valley of pubescent pain. She continues to be the girl of my dreams, and I would be lying to you if I said I didn't continue to track her whereabouts. Out of all the characters, she was the closest to being flawless. The only one being a slight blemish on her right cheek that would reappear every three episodes or so. But that's besides the point. This show gave me life, and I would sacrifice everything for Dan Schneider to make one more episode. Thank you for reading about my love towards this show!
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